Choose the right time for your interview. Trust us, it makes a difference!


As with everything in the world, timing is everything. Interviews are no different. Research states that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. The most productive time can even be pinpointed to 10.30am on Tuesday.

The key thing to understand is that when your interviewer is at their best and happiest, they are more receptive to your ideas, answers and individual personality. If you choose the optimal time for the interview, it will run more smoothly and it might just be enjoyable (Maybe)

Top tip for interviews – if you feel that you’re perhaps not in the best mood or feeling 100%, try and switch to a better mind-set prior to an interview by either having a coffee break, going for a brisk walk or doing something that really perks you up and makes you feel good. Whether this is a morning swim, watching your favourite TV show or having a tasty breakfast at a local coffee shop. Make sure you are prepared for this, you only get one shot.

When thinking about booking your interview, it’s also important to consider:

Avoid early mornings and the end of the day. You and your interviewer will more than likely feel far from your best which makes it a losing battle before it has even begun.

Avoid lunch interviews when possible. Hungry interviewers and interviewees is a recipe for disaster.

Why not contact your potential employer to ask what their preferred interview time is? Then cross-reference it with what we’ve said in this blog post before making a decision. The choice is yours.

Think of it like this, if you and your interviewer are feeling nice and relaxed, you are immediately in a better starting position than many of your competitors.

By reading this blog post, we know you are the right type of candidate who is willing to prepare to and cover all the bases, well done and good luck!

Credit: Joe Burridge (Joe Blogs)